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Entreda Quiz

1. Do you have a written cybersecurity policy?
2. Do you currently do Third Party Due Diligence?
3. Have you generated a reconciliation report between your cybersecurity policy and implementation plan in the last six months?
4. Do you have documented proof of remediation with timestamps for all items captured in your reconciliation report?
5. Do you have an Incident Response Plan?
6. Do you have a written log of all remote access sessions to your office network and internet access from a public network for all laptop or mobile devices in the last 6 months?
7. Do you have a monthly inventory report of all hardware and weekly report of all software that you employ for your corporate activities?
8. Do you have a repository or system in place to capture all cybersecurity related incidents at your firm?
9. Have you performed a penetration test into your company's office network within the last six months?
10. Have you ever taken cybersecurity awareness training classes and/or trained your employees or staff?

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